Process Equipment

SSS Clutch

Automatic overrunning clutch for prime movers, turbines, fans, compressors.

The powers transmitted by SSS Clutches currently range from a few hundred kW to 300,000 kW

Mixtec North America

  • Mixers For Blending, Flocculators, Solid Suspension
  • Rapid Mixers, Static Mixers,
  • Water Treatment, Food, Industrial, Mining, Refining



Statiflo International

  • Api B31.3 & B31.4 Compliant Custody Transfer Mixers
  • Pipe & Channel Mixers, Wastewater Mixers
  • Gas Dispersion Systems


Senior Flexonics Pathway

  • Isolation & Flow Control Dampers
  • Metal & Fabric Expansion Joints
  • Related Duct Systems
  • Fccu Specialists