I have an old cooling tower and the fill is completely shot. Do you offer a way to replace the fill and the louvers?

B&W Spig  will come out to your facility, investigate the cooling towers, provide you with a complete repair plan, and then perform the labor of replacing your fill and your louvers, returning you to optimum performance.

I have piping that keeps cracking and breaking, usually at a tank or a valve. Can you help me figure out what is going on?

It is probably stress caused by thermal expansion of the piping. We can help perform a stress analysis of your system and design a hanger and expansion joint solution that will relieve the stresses, stopping the damage.


I have a boiler and I’m dumping a lot of hot exhaust into the air. Is there anything I can do with that heat?

Yes, there is! Depending on the design of your boiler, we can work with our principals and provide you with an economizer that can preheat the combustion air, reducing your fuel costs.

The government is cracking down on our emissions and they’re telling us that we can’t dump our waste water any more. What can I do?

A lot of companies are now being required to have Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) from their facilities. We can provide evaporative technology that can recover 100% of the water in a purified form to be reused in your process as well as crystalization of the contaminants that will allow for dry removal. You can easily achieve a ZLD state and meet your government requirements.