Why Btco?

Why Brad Thompson Co and our Sales Engineers?

Manufacturers can count on us to actively represent them in our territory. Our team is committed to being a successful extension of our manufacturers’ sales arm. Our dedication to our relationships and partnerships is evident in how we work hard to analyze the market place and develop marketing strategies that will end in profitable sales and healthy client relationships.

BTCo sales engineers bring years of knowledge and industrial experience to provide pre-sales consulting as well as excellent post-sales services to our clients. Our commitment to timely delivery of projects and products through accurate design reviews and negotiations keep our customers 100% satisfied.

Our Services Include But Are Not Limited  To…

  • Market Analysis:
    Based on our current relationships as well as potential ones our sales and marketing teams work together to identify potential prospects.
  • Marketing Strategy:
    Our marketing team plans and implements flexible and efficient marketing strategies in collaboration with our manufacturers to promote the products we represent.
  • Delivery and Payment:
    Last but not the least BTCo sales engineers pride themselves in providing timely delivery of products to clients and aiding in prompt payments to manufacturers. Professionalism in every stage of the sales cycle is the pillar of Brad Thompson Company’s successful relationships with clients as well as manufacturers.
  • Presentations to Clients:
    Our sales engineers in partnership with our manufacturers make technical and informational presentations on products we represent.
  • Design Reviews and Contract Negotiations:
    BTCo sales engineers and reps aid in providing design reviews and prototypes by acting as a liaison between clients and manufacturers. We assist in negotiating contracts between parties so that both our clients and our manufacturers are successful.
  • Client Inquiries:
    BTCo sales engineers use their knowledge and experience to interpret technical specifications from client inquiries and communicate between manufacturers and clients to finalize the required specifications.

How We Represent You

BTCo sales engineers participate actively in all stages of the sales cycle- from providing technical presentations and consulting services to our clients to analyzing potential markets for our manufacturers.