5mw to 20mw Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines 5MW – 8MW – 12MW – 16MW

NovaLT™5 (5,5 MW) gas turbine packages

A flexible, compact solution for power generation, mechanical drive, and industrial applications, the NovaLT™5 is available in single-shaft and double-shaft configurations.


  • Single-shaft design
  • High pressure axial compressor
  • Combustion section
  • Two-stage air-cooled turbine
  • Fueled with natural gas and/or liquid fuel
  • Premix burners to control emissions.
  • High exhaust temperature makes it well-suited to Heat Recovery System (HRS) operations


  • Double-shaft design
  • High-pressure module (axial compressor, combustion section and single-stage air-cooled turbine)
  • Low-pressure module (two-stage uncooled turbine with exhaust section)

NovaLT™16 (16,5 MW) gas turbine packages

Designed for mechanical drive and power generation applications, the NovaLT™16 is a two-shaft gas turbine ideal for pipeline compression with a power turbine speed of 7,800 rpm.

  • 16.5 MW shaft power
  • 35,000-hour MTBM
  • 37% efficiency, mechanical drive
  • 36% efficiency, electrical (simple cycle)
  • 80% efficiency, CHP
  • 99% availability