DIABON porous reactor

SGL Group’s DIABON porous reactor is a unique state-of- the-art technology for various thermal applications in the presence of highly corrosive substances like hydro uoric acid (HF) or hydrochloric acid (HCl). Examples are the e cient and complete destruction of hydrochloro uorocarbons (HCFC), acidic o -gas treatment or HCl synthesis by reaction of chlorine and methane (natural gas).

The thermally induced chemical reaction takes place in a porous structure instead of an open ame. As a consequence an extraordinary homogeneous temperature distribution as well as a low dwell time is achieved. SGL Group’s corrosion- resistant DIABON® graphite ensures an outstanding long lifetime and high equipment availability.

Product description

  •   The DIABON porous reactor is divided in three main segments, a stabilizing section, a reaction section and a dry quench.
  •  In the stabilizing section all reactants are intensively premixed and guided to the reaction zone. A tailor-made flame retention ensures a safe and reliable operation.
  •  The chemical reaction takes place in a porous structure (reaction zone) at temperatures up to 1500 °C.

    Finally the product gas is cooled down below 200 °C within a very short time (sudden quenching), i.e. a recombination of pollutants is not possible.

  •  The whole porous reactor is made of highly corrosion- resistant DIABON graphite which qualifies the DIABON porous reactor also for discontinuous operations.