Circulating Dry Scrubbers

Circulating Dry Scrubber (CDS)

The  Circulating Dry Scrubber (CDS) system is designed for multi-pollutant removal efficiency, addressing SOx, NOx, HCl, HF, Hg, Pb, Dioxins and Furans.

Benefits include:

  • >99% SO2 Removal Efficiency
  • Flexible
    • Multi-Pollutant Removal
      • SO2, SO3, HCl, HF, Pb, Dioxins, Furans
      • Hg Removal
      • NOx removal
    • Fuel Switching
    • Works in High Moisture Applications
  • Low Capital Cost
    • Modular fabrication
    • Simplicity of design with small footprint
    • No slurry systems
    • Exotic Alloys not required
  • Lower Maintenance compared to other technologies
    • No Slurry handling issues
    • Very few moving parts
  • Operational Advantages
    • Adsorption of heavy metals
    • High recycle rate allows for low reagent consumption
    • Lower power consumption than alternative systems
    • No waste water stream