Magnetic Coupling / ASD


The MagnaDrive Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) is breakthrough speed control technology designed to reduce your total cost of ownership by lowering maintenance and operating costs, increasing process availability, and improving system reliability.

Ideally suited to pump, fan and blower applications, the MagnaDrive ASD is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 4,000 horsepower and speeds up to 3,600 RPM. Lower maintenance and operating costs are a result of transferring torque from motors to driven equipment across an air gap without shaft-to-shaft physical connection. This “disconnected connection” provides reduced vibration that inceases bearing and seal life.

Simple, reliable and low cost, the MagnaDrive ASD provides the energy savings of speed control without the problems often associated with Variable Frequency Drives. System complexity is reduced, vibration is minimized and alignment problems disappear. Motor systems can be resized for lower cost and more efficient operation.

Applications currently benefiting from use of the MagnaDrive ASD include: pumps, fans, blowers, centrifuges, and bulk handling equipment. Industries served include: water and wastewater treatment, pulp and paper manufacturing, power generation, oil & gas processing, cement, mining, chemical & food processing, irrigation, maritime and HVAC systems. These installations are demonstrating significant energy savings and reduced system vibration.