Shell/Plate Heat Exchangers

The Vahterus -Plate&Shell-® heat exchanger is the forerunner in heat exchanger technology; compact and manufactured to a high standard of quality. At the heart of our heat exchanger is a fully welded pack of circular plates, with pressure containment achieved using a strong, unique shell construction. With its construction, the Vahterus Plate & Shell heat exchanger combines the best features of Plate Heat exchanger and Shell & Tube exchangers:

  • High pressure and high temperature capability
    With its round and fully welded construction, Vahterus unit offers a durable solution that can stand high pressures and temperatures.
  • Compact size
    Vahterus PSHE requires only 25% of the surface compared to Shell & Tube heat exchangers, however, it is possible to construct PSHE exchangers with over 2000 mtr² of heat transfer area. The compact size of the Vahterus PSHE minimizes installation, operating and maintenance costs, which again saves energy and the environment.
  • Robust and gasket-free construction
    The gasket-free construction is durable enough for the harshest conditions and prevents maintenance issues and no leakages in very high / low pressures and temperatures.