Solid/Liquid Separation Systems



The FUNDABAC® candle filter has captivated users all over the world for its exceptional design and operation simplicity. The unique cloverleaf shaped candle element design is at the heart of the FUNDABAC® candle filter system. This design allows for efficient filtration while guaranteeing adherence of the filter cake to the cloth throughout the entire filtration cycle, as well as effective cake discharge. Once the clean filtrate has passed through the filter cloth, it flows into the perforated peripheral tubes and then down to the bottom of the candle, before rising in the central tube toward the registers.

Regardless whether the solids discharge is in slurry or a dry cake form, it is achieved by a rapid counter-current flow and pressure from the inside of the candle. The patented candle structure accentuates the effect of this counter-current flow. A quick-pulse air or nitrogen (gas) blowback results in a rapid flexing of the filter media away from the candle.  This breaks the cake away from the filter media, causing it to fall from the candle to the bottom of the filter vessel.

The FUNDABAC® candle filter is perfectly suited for automatic operation via PLC or DCS. This ensures reliable product quality. It is designed to operate in the absence of any moving parts.  As a result, maintenance requirements and costs are extremely low. The use of new synthetic materials, particularly filter internals, contributes to reliable operation and long life of the filters. For inquiries or further information, please complete and return one of our Application Questionnaires.


The CONTIBAC® is a slightly modified FUNDABAC® filter used as a continuous thickener, producing concentrated slurries. Clear filtrate at a high flow-rate is achieved. Solids are flushed back into the liquid and the thickened slurry is drawn off intermittently or continuously without interrupting filtration. This filtration process mainly applies to processes where continuous flow is required. For inquiries or further information, please complete and return one of our Application Questionnaires.