Water Treatment Systems -RO & UF

Membrane Filtration
From low pressure microfiltration/ultrafiltration systems to high pressure nanofiltration skids, newterra membrane water treatment solutions are engineered and built to maximize uptime and minimize process water maintenance requirements for our industrial clients.

Treatment Targets:
Suspended Solids, Turbidity, SDI

Suspended solids plug filters, cause the fouling of RO membranes and boilers, and are detrimental to plumbing, valves and downstream equipment. newterra microfiltration and ultrafiltration solutions effectively remove these abrasive constituents down to 0.01 microns. Our systems are used in a wide range of applications – allowing the recycling of valuable process fluids, such as coolants for tooling equipment. newterra UF systems are used for wash water reuse, as well as providing a cost-effective approach to removing oil and grease from wastewater streams to ensure compliance with sanitary sewer discharge regulations.
Our UF systems effectively separate oil, grease, heavy metals and suspended solids from waste streams. Water and low molecular weight solutes (e.g. salts and some surfactants) are removed as permeate, while emulsified oil and suspended solids remain in the process stream and are removed as concentrate.

Feed water is pumped or drawn via vacuum into the membrane skid and moves through the hollow fiber membranes. Water passes through and is sent to a permeate storage tank, but suspended solids are retained and build up on the membrane surface. Periodic membrane cleaning takes place automatically, using brief back pulsing, short duration chemical cleanings or thorough chemical cleanings, depending on the increase in the trans membrane pressure.